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Do I need to use my enrichment funds to cover my flight or any other Convention costs?

No; the costs of transportation to and from the convention, lodging in Atlanta, meals during the convention itself, and the events/program are covered/reimbursed by the Stamps Family Charitable Foundation (SFCF). The only related cost for which students will be responsible is meals during transit (e.g. in airports or on the road to Atlanta) and personal expenses such as souvenirs.

When does the convention begin? When should I arrive?

The convention begins promptly at 8am Friday, April 7, 2017. We suggest students and program leads arrive by Thursday evening, April 6, 2017 to be in full attendance of the event and ensure an on time arrival. Lodging Thursday night is also provided for students but no required activities will be held. Program leads may reserve their own rooms for Thursday night at their own cost.

If I'm abroad during the convention, will my flight to Atlanta be covered?

Travel costs will be covered up to the price of a flight from your home school to Atlanta. However, if you happen to be somewhere where flights to Atlanta are cheaper, you will only be covered for that lower cost.

Which costs are covered for Program Leads?

As Scholar and partner numbers have grown, it has prompted SFCF to take a good look at the budget for this large-scale event. It was decided to continue to provide meals and programming for one program lead from each institution, yet to request they cover their own transportation and lodging.

How many Program Leads for each school may attend?

For space and logistical reasons, the SSNC17 planning committee requests that only one program lead attend from each institution. However, we can consider the registration of additional program leads once we have seen the number of students attending from each institution. If you are very interested in sending more than one program lead, please email Stamps Convention Coordinator, Katy Beth Lockwood, at Each additional lead will be required to pay $40 per day toward convention costs. Checks can be made payable to the "Georgia Institute of Technology" and mailed attention "Katy Beth Lockwood, Georgia Institute of Technology, Stamps President’s Scholars Program, Atlanta, GA 30332-0288" (there is no street address).

What if I want to arrive late or to leave early from the Convention?

Scholars are expected to be in attendance at the convention from 8am on Friday through 12pm on Sunday. If you are unable to uphold this commitment, unfortunately you will be required to pay for your convention expenses out of pocket. If your circumstances are extraordinary and you feel that you deserve an exception, you may have your program lead contact the SFCF with an endorsement for your late arrival/early departure.

Can I stay with a friend who lives in Atlanta?

No; lodging will be organized based on threads to facilitate a punctual departure directly from the hotels on Saturday morning. Therefore, we ask that you stick to your room assignments and find time to catch up with your Atlanta friends Sunday afternoon.

Can I choose my roommate(s)?

No; generally, Scholars will be paired with another student from their own program. Two pairs will be assigned a room, and Scholars who know each other from the same school will be encouraged to share one of the double beds provided. If you are matched with people you have not met, rooming with fellow Stamps Scholars from other schools will be an excellent opportunity to connect during downtime.

Is registration binding?

Yes; to be good stewards of the funds SFCF is generously providing for each convention participant, which amounts to about $400 per student (not including airfare or space rentals), we will need to charge a fee for anyone who drops out for a non-emergency reason. This will be prorated, however. The fees for cancellations are as follows:

            Dates                Cancellation Fee      

   February  1-28                  $200                  

   March 1-31                        $300                 

   April 1-6                             $400                 

Airfare will be handled between Stamps Scholars and program leads at their own institutions rather than with the SSNC17 Planning Committee or SFCF. We request that you please wait to hear back from us concerning registration before arranging flights. Program leads will be in contact with Scholars with more information in late fall or early spring. Please understand that airline tickets purchased for students who do not attend the convention will not be reimbursed. Clearly, we will be sensitive to situations in which someone is hospitalized, has a death in the family, etc.

Additional Questions?

If you have additional questions, please email the SSNC17 planning committee at